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Break the wall,
Build the confidence.

Discover Cutting-Edge “Mental Training” and Play Highest Performance Golf…Enhancing Your Stability, and Shocking Your Golf Buddies, One Swing at a time.

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Whether you’re a novice golf player or an experienced pro, this is the perfect time for you to challenge instability, eliminate distractions and beat your personal best while having fun.

AND, for the first time ever, you get the unique opportunity to learn how to fix that lack of stability and hit ridiculously accurate shots by using incredibly easy mental exercises, anyone can do!

What if we tell you…?

Golf is indisputably one of the most mentally challenging sports in the world. It’s an individual pursuit and there’s nobody to assist you during the journey if, and when, things go haywire. If you lack self-belief and negative thoughts start to eat your mind, your scorecard will most likely start to read something like a premium-rate phone number.

How many of these mind traps are ruining your game?

  • Lack of stability
  • The believe-“Practice makes perfect”
  • Overthinking your score
  • Feeling desperate fear on the course
  • ‘Trying’ to be Positive
  • Perfectionism
  • Losing Concentration

The Right Mental Approach Is Not Expensive!

Enhancing your mental game is not a day job, likewise not impractical. One of the best ways to skyrocket your mental game is to hone a routine that works well for you and measure your success by how well you perform. You can achieve this by using a sophisticated app built with an ultimate aim to help you play your best game, without influence of external distractions.

Fix Your Lack of Stability and Up your Mental Game with Mind Caddy!

Mind Caddy is training for your mind – a future-ready mobile App created in an effort to introduce modern, but scientifically-sound mental game of golf for a segment of people who are really passionate about golf, and has gotten their game to a high level or young guns, who dream of becoming golf pros, or at least play to reach peak performance during the game. It is also built for golf trainers who work at various clubs to help other golfers improve their game.

Mind Caddy serves a couple of purposes. If you are standing over the ball and about to swing knowing you’ve done all you can, as guided by the app, you will definitely swing a lot more confidently at your target than ever before.

There will be time when your mind will overthink the whole situation and probably predict the future. If you are able to maintain perfect mental focus, you will get better chances at great shots and low scores. This app always right in your pocket and it only takes 2-3 minutes and you are back!

This app features:

  • Tips on course management while decreasing training time
  • High-quality recording to help you mentally practice the tips
  • Note taking feature to monitor your progress
  • Focusing on the target
  • Incredibly easy navigation

Here are just a few of the game changers you’ll discover with Mind Caddy:

  • Becoming more consistent
  • Practicing smarter, not harder
  • Staying calm in extreme pressure situations
  • Secrets of an effective stability
  • Plus techniques, drills and tips to help you eliminate your shortcomings

Get Your Hands On The “Mind Caddy” App That Has Helped Thousands Of Golfers Improve Their Game – $85 Per Year!

Members will have exclusive access to:

Brain Games
Experience Workbook

Golf is fun again.

“Your mental tips gave me the answers, all my confusion about my swings, my stance, my grip and follow through converge into repeatable swings that produced beautiful high and long powerful drives that I have not seen in years.”


I’m maintaining perfect focus on every shot.

“After getting to know Mind Caddy, my lowest score ever is a 75 and I’m shooting in the low 80’s more consistently.”


It’s high time you started taking your mental game as serious as the rest of your practice. A Mind Caddy membership not only gives you the chance to build, enhance and manage your mental golf game, but also educates you to understand the science behind it.

Now it’s Up To You!

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