#2 Michael Lassen – The power of testing and the secret formula for selling (even for those who hate selling)

This is the reason why you should listen to this podcast:

If you have ever tried to make a major change in your life, you probably experienced a lot of internal resistance. Michael Lassen is an expert dealing with mindset problems and in this episode he will show you how to cope with this and talk about how you can embrace that big change in your life by creating small tests. Also he delivers powerful insights on marketing and networking.


Episode 2: Rollemodellerne Podcast with Michael Lassen

The power of testing and the secret formula for selling (even for those who hate selling)


Meet Michael:

Michael Lassen is an expert in areas as different as mindset and marketing and has more than 20 years experience in both. Sometimes referred to as: “The Danish Genius” Michael has uncovered the formula for achieving major breakthroughs FAST, that he shares in The Speed Of Implementation, which has made him is a sought after speaker. He has helped some of the best speakers promoting themselves and been a regular participant in a many of the best marketing masterminds around the world.

Why is Michael on Rollemodellerne?

I first Met Michael when he did mindset training for poker professionals (which probably are among the most stressful jobs around) and ever since he has had a major impact in helping me both on a personal level as well as professionally. Michael has that rare ability to whenever I ask him for wisdom he always are able to answer a question spot on in a no-nonsense way. What I do believe to be one of Michaels strongest qualities is his compassion and desire to create bigger happiness and great breakthrough for his clients. I have met at least a handfull of “Michael Disciples” that he has helped in such a big way, that they are now true fans.

Bonus info: Michael is currently relocating to Cyprus to pursue his dream of hosting high level masterminds in a cool place – if you ever get a chance GO!

During this podcast Michael Lassen and I cover a lot of ground including:

How to overcome major obstacles to create major breakthroughs
The secret formula to selling (even for those who hate selling)
Why testing a lot of different things on a regular basis will increase the quality of your life in a major way
Why you should visit your growth zone consistently
Why this is probably the best time ever to be alive (yay!)
And a ton more. I really hope you enjoy the podcast, any any case we had a blast recording it!


Please notice that this episode is in English



Rollemodellerne Episode 2 – Michael Lassen

Note and timeline:

(0.30-2) What is the growth zone and how do you get yourself there consistently?
(2-3) Why is the comfort zone actually a good thing and how do you use it to your advantage?
(3-4) How do you balance being in the comfort zone with being in the growth zone?
(4-5.20) The power of testing
(5.20-6.25) Why testing actually makes it emotionally easier to try new habits
(6.25-8) This is the reason why neediness is the number one worst emotion to have
(8-10) Why Michaels selling test proved very valuable
(10-11.30) The secret receipt to selling – even when you hate selling)
(12-13.40) The know, like and trust factor
(13.30-14.30) Why it’s fine to give without asking
(15.15-16) Why doing Facebook live is better for know, like and trust factor than normal list building
(16-17.20) Why it’s easier to sell (and get dates) when you are at a place, where you just enjoy being you
(17.20-18) Why you only needs 1000 true fans and why you shouldn’t sell to everybody
(19-20) On cutting the wrong people from your life
(21-22.30) How to get children to go to their growth zone
(22.45-26) How did Michael come up with The Speed of implementation?
(26-27.15) What steps do people need to take in order to implement learning fast?
(27.15-28.30) Whats the problem addicts are really facing?
(28.30-30) What changes do people really need to make in order to make a breakthrough?
(30-32) What do most millionaires have in common?
(32-34) Why you need to learn from your mistakes and detach the emotions from them
(34-35) Whats the best way to detach yourself from emotions holding you back?
(35-37) How do you quit smoking?
(37-40) Why is Michael so much into helping people?
(40.3-42.30) How do you figure out when you are in a bad relationship that you need to end?
(42.30-43.10) What motivates Michael?
(43.10-44.55) How random chance made Michael save a life
(44.55-46) Why small things can make a big difference
(46-48) Who are Michaels inspirations? (And why he doesn’t believe in that one person for inspiration)
(48-51) What books have Michael gifted the most to other people?
(51-52.30) Whats the best question Michael asks himself most on a frequent basis?
(52.30-54.30) Why is Michael on autopilot looking for the advantage in any given situation?
(54-56) How do you make sure, that you implement the teaching you get from seminars?
(56-59) Why it doesn’t make sense to have multiple goals and projects
(59-1.02) How do you prioritize between your project?
(1.02-1.05) Why is a mastermind so valuable and how do you get the best of it?
(1.05-1.07) Whats the best advice Michael has ever received?
What message would Michael share with everybody?





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