#15 Eric Edmeades – How to create abundance in your life: Build a business and use the power of role models and mentors.

Why should you listen:

If you are like most people, the purpose of your life is to be happy and create a life that’s meaningful. Eric Edmeades is a living role model, having achieved just that, by dramatically changing the course of his life from poor immigrant in Canada to touring the world speaking with Anthony Robbins and building million dollar businesses. If you want to run a successful business, while having freedom in your life, then this is your lucky day, because Eric will discuss just that, as well as share a lot of great insights on health, life and business.


Rollemodellerne Episode 15: Interview Eric Edmeades

How to create abundance in your life: Build a business and use the power of role models and mentors.


Who is Eric?

Eric is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, author and philanthropist. That’s a lot of labels, but whoever had the pleasure of meeting Eric, will know that he as passionate about health, society and the wildlife, as he is about teaching strategies to business owners. His philanthropic lifestyle have, among other things, led him to live and hunt with native African bushmen. That experience have resulted in his health business Wildfit, which helps clients overcome lifestyle related issues by giving strategies for healthy living.

Erics speaking arrangements have among other things meant, that he has been teaching with Tony Robbins at his Business Mastery events as well as sharing the stage with Richard Branson and Jack Canfield. Eric also run his company Business Freedom, where he is helping entrepreneurs achieve more freedom in their businesses. He does a great job teaching people to do public speaking, where he draws from his own former fear of public speaking and help others become great public speakers too (anyone who have ever seen Eric do a talk can attest to this)

Why is Eric a guest in Rollemodellerne?

Eric is hands down, among the best and most inspirational speakers I have ever experienced (and having heard a lot of great speakers, that says quite a lot). Taking into consideration, that Eric is coming from a background with phobia of public speaking, that’s quite an accomplishment in itself and also one of the reasons, why he is a very sought of after speaker in Scandinavia and has a large fan base here.

Having been to a few of Eric’s workshops, I also know him as a very grounded and humble person, who is passionate about important issues, such as health, nutrition, and animal welfare, besides his business teaching, which to me is issues worth exploring in detail – for the sake of our planet. As said in the beginning, Eric is drinking his own cool-aid, because he is teaching business freedom, but it is evident, that he is, in fact, living it in his own life as well. A perfect example of this is that his working schedule is arranged based on how much kitesurfing the wind allows for him to do at any given day.

Having seen with my own eyes, the consequences of bad health for people, and wrong choices leading to stress from business-owners, I do believe this is an important issue to address and that is among the top reasons why I asked Eric to be on the podcast…

For me, Eric is an important role model both on a personal and professional level, and I know that he will be able to provide valuable insights on a number of levels, which he also did during this episode.

In this episode we talk about these topics:

What is it like to meet the role models you have admired most of your life, like Tony Robbins and Richard Branson and what have Eric learnt from it?
How to attract top mentors?
Who are Erics own sources of inspiration and which books does he recommend?
What are major mistakes business owners, do that’s killing the growth in their business?
How to move from business operator to business owner
What are Eric’s best advice on building wealth?
How Eric lived his childhood in a somewhat similar fashion to the “rich dad, poor dad” book
What’s Eric learned from living with the African bushmen
How does Eric take care of his health?
And a lot of other great stuff as well.

Hope you enjoyed the podcast, and if you do please share it with someone, who you think would enjoy it.

Enjoy the podcast and feel free to reach out if any questions or comments.



Rollemodellerne Episode 15 – Eric Edmeades

Note and Timeline:

When will Eric be back in Scandinavia? [1-2]
Where has Erics interest in the animal life come from? [2-5]
What did Eric learn from living for a while with the African Bushmen? [5-8]
What is Erics way of keeping fit (without exercising) [8-12]
How has Erics exploration into the wildlife affected his view on raising his baby daughter? [12-14]
How has Erics own childhood shaped the life he is living today? [14-17]
What shifts did Eric learn from living with both rich and poor relatives? [17-18]
How was Eric’s life choices was affected by his childhood challenges? [18-21]
Who are Eric’s own role models? [21-23]
Eric had Richard Branson as a role model and eventually met him, what’s it like to meet your role models [23-27]
Eric has been fortunate enough to avoid haters, but what happened when he finally got some? [27-30]
What three advice will Eric give to solo-entrepreneurs in order to run a business as opposed to being runned by a business [30-34]
How does a startup attract the top mentors? [34- 36]
What are the main processes a business can use to scale? [36-40]
How does a business owner go from owning his first business to investing in his first business? [40-43]
Whats Erics biggest teaching on building and keeping wealth? [43-47]
Whats Erics morning routine? [47-50]
What routines does Eric have, that keeps him happy? [50-52]
Which books does Eric recommend most to other people? [52-54]
What text would Eric send to the world? [54-57]
Whats the best advice Eric ever got? [57-59]


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