#21 Allen Brouwer – From Idea to Global Business Success: Learn The Tactics Allen used to create abundance.

Why you should listen to this podcast?

Have you ever wondered how a company becomes successful? How it develops from just an idea to a becoming a huge success? I have and that is why I’ve had this inspiring talk with Allen Brouwer. In this episode, we dive into what routines are beneficial for having a successful life, how to start a Kickstarter campaign and what personal growth you need to go through, to not only build your company but yourself up for success!

Episode 21: Rollemodellerne Podcast Allen Brouwer

From Idea to Global Business Success: Learn The Tactics Allen used to create abundance.

Who is Allen Brouwer?

Allen went from being broke to having more than 8 figures in less than three years. That in itself is an achievement to take note of. He did that by co-creating The Self Journal, a journal that helps you set goals and achieve them! With meaningful and simple techniques this journal has now sold in over 100 countries, helping people reach success. Their bestseller the SELF journal helps people worldwide become the best version of themselves.

Allen has an abundance-mindset, he is a positivist and a mentor to others who wish to expand their business. He has an amazing ability to harvest the skills of others, and by delegating and leading with a positive mindset he’s gone from a idea to co-owning a million dollar company.


Why is Allen a guest on Rollemodellerne?

For me, entrepreneurship and personal development goes hand in hand, and Allen Brouwer is the perfect example of this. I have a deep respect for the company and the journey Allen and his business parent Cathryn have been on with The Self Journal. Sometimes, you don’t need to have a perfectly set out plan. Sometimes you just have to do it and develop with the process as it develops with you. Just make it happen!

I find Allens’ journey to be extremely inspirational. Starting out as a young team and they’ve managed to create a huge company. He is just 30 years now and he created a product that helps people achieve their own personal and professional goals. That is a vision I want to support because that is exactly what this podcast is about!

In this episode you will get:

Clear and precise advice from a very successful entrepreneur on how to start your own business
Amazing tips and inspiration for creating abundant morning rituals.
Knowledge about what it takes to grow personally when your business starts growing


Beartalk Episode 21Episode 21 – Allen Brouwer

Notat og tidlinje:

(0:00-4:00) The 3 habits of highly achieved people, Allen talks about The Miracle morning and how to set up good routines.
(4:00-8:20) The good morning routine as experienced from Tony Robbins. How to get straight to business and keep your routine up, when your mornings get crazy.
(8:20-9:20) How do I break my goals down into daily bits and pieces, so I reach my goals?
(9:20- 11:00) Why it’s important to have a daily gratitude ritual.
(11:00-13:00) What does Allen do in his personal life, to stay grateful in his life?
(13:00-15:00) The story and passion behind The Self Journal and how the company has grown from a Kickstarter campaign to a huge company.
(15:00-19:15) How Allen and his business Cathryn partner met and what gave them the idea to create The Self Journal.
(19:15-21:05) What an ‘accountability partner’ is and how that strengthens your relationship with your business partner.
(21:05-22:30) What to look for in a business partner and how to elevate each other’s strengths.
(22:30-23:20) How large is The Self Journal now?
(23:20-25:30) What does it take personally to go from an idea, to running a large team?
(25:30-26:20) How to automate certain tasks in your business, to make everything run faster and more efficient.
(26:20-27:35) Allen talks about the importance of creating a detailed system, so you can perform on the highest possible level.
(27:35-29:50) How to delegate and why it’s so important for growing your business.
(29:50-34:00) Why Kickstarter is a great a foundation for your business and Allens’ secrets to creating a successful campaign.
(34:00-35:00) What channels to use, if you want to advertise you Kickstarter campaign successfully.
(35:00-36:40) Allens’ journey from being broke to owning a million dollar company.
(36:40-37:50) Why it’s important to start now and not let perfection get in the way of action.
(37:40-39:00) What Allens’ biggest strength is and why it helped him build his successful company.
(39:00-40:00) Allen talks about what he’s grateful for and what he pushes himself to do, to stay successful.
(40:00-43:00) Technical issues
(43:00-44:50) The importance role models and how one person helped Allen push himself, to start out on his own.
(44:50-47:15) What’s the best advice Allen has received from his successful mentors?
(47:15-48:30) Working with Marie Forleo, Russell Simmons and what Allen took from working with them.
(48:30-50:50) What does Allens’ own ideal morning routine consist of?
(50:50 – 51:40) Allen recommends Headspace and talks about how he uses Wayne Dwyers Mindful meditations on Spotify.
(51:40-53:20) Allen gives us his number one book recommendation “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill.
(53:20-54:15) How to focus on the most important things and “The One Thing” from Jay Pathasane
(54:15-54:45) What Allen learned from Allen Sharp and why people should follow him.
(54:45-56:10) How does Allen celebrate his successes?
(56:10-58:20) What would Allen write to the entire world in a text message and why?
(58:20-1:00:35) What is the best advice Allen has ever received and what it taught him about growing both personally and financially in life.
(1:00:35-1:01:45) Allens’ contact information
(1:01:45-1:04:00) Learn more about getting Allen as a mentor and what he requires of possible mentees.


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